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Saturday, July 02, 2005
Sales and more goodbyes

Spent ALL day with Cay on a shopping spree. July and February are sale months in Barcelona and I took advantage! Bought myself a nice coat from Zara (yes, yes...buying a coat in the summer is ridiculous, but when all of you start running around to buy a coat once the winter hits I'll be sitting back in my beautiful Zara coat making fun of you...), white linen pants that I've been dreaming of for years (that I can now get away with wearing since I lost a lot weight), and a couple of flip flops to wear to the beach. I usually hate shopping, but throw in the word sale and I'm there!

Had a falafel dinner tonight at Maoz with Cay, Sally, Chris, and Lea. Cay leaves tomorrow to Pamplona for the annual Running of the Bulls (a festival that was supported enthusiastically by Hemingway), Chris on Monday for Sevilla, and Sally leaves on Thursday. One by one we keep trickling away. Goodbyes are just exhausting!
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