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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
I started this course with no real intention to teach afterwards. CELTA was supposed to challenge was supposed to force me to confront my fears, push me farther than I was ever pushed. I was going to do the course, play around in Europe for the rest of the summer and probably return to NY and start career planning. I am now seriously considering teaching EFL. I've had so much fun the past couple of classes. Have relaxed so much more. I'm still nervous as hell, but get a weird adrenaline rush right after I finish my lesson.

Had a career planning session today. Barcelona is a difficult place to find a job, but there are jobs all over the world. It just looked so appetizing! I KNOW how hard it was for me when I first got here. My first couple of entries are testimony to my pain, misery, and alienation. I can't believe that only twenty days later my mind is traveling all over the world. I can't believe that I, chicken shit in front of groups, now want to put myself in front of groups. I WANT to teach!

Then again I'm writing this at lunchtime, about an hour before teaching today's lesson...
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