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Monday, June 13, 2005
Rigorous Rosa
Taught my first pre-intermediate class today. I'm still surviving on just bread and water (prison life) so was a little lightheaded in class, but I think it went somewhat well. Had a little more control than I did the last time I taught, but I think I bored my class to shit.

Today's lesson was to get the students speaking about the places they live; flats, country house, city centre, etc. All I did in the beginning was put words up on the board, gave them a handout, and let them talk a little in the end. BORED SHITLESS they were. And they wouldn't stop talking!!! Everytime I'd tell them to stop talking they would not listen. Which of course made me more nervous. Here I am, in front of Rosa with no control over my class. "Please, please stop talking...we're working on this activity now, okay?? Okay??" It took a few minutes before I could finally get them to shut up to just put this lesson to rest.

Regardless, they seem like a fun class. All I have to do is figure out a way to get them interested in what I teach them and get them to listen to me!!!!

Rosa is intense. She's an absolutely BRILLIANT teacher. I was in awe of her when she taught the beginning of class on Friday. It's as if she were born to do this; it's second nature for her. I admire that so much...that she knows what she's talented in and has tapped into it. I can't see her doing anything else but teaching. Absolutely brilliant.

But SUPER TOUGH. She will not let you get away with anything. She demands the best from you and won't let you just slide by. I've never had anyone push me so hard, but it seems like the more she pushes, the better I want to do.
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