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Monday, June 20, 2005
Almost there...
It's almost over. Two more classes to teach and I'm done.

My head continues to be in a spin. I've never gotten so little sleep in my life. No sleep, bad eating habits, lots of stress...I'm positive this is bound to end badly if I don't start changing these habits. It's just really hard to sleep when you've got so much on your mind, hard to eat when the food isn't that fabulous and you're always really tired to cook, and forget about trying to fix the stress; nothing is going to fix that except the very last class.

Teaching mid-intermediate classes now. I've been getting more comfortable teaching though. Not as nervous as I used to be...I don't feel like I want to throw up anymore. Today I actually relaxed during my lunch break and had a pleasant meal with Jerry and Cheryl. Instead of frantically writing a script for class (I usually write out EXACTLY what I'm going to say in class) I just chilled out, had a nice conversation, and went back to school with a happy stomach.

Started class of course with the butterflies I get all the time. Regardless of how many times I do this, this feeling will just never go away.

Taught the passive form today. Which meant that I had to learn what the passive form. It's really sad that I spent hours trying to figure out what it was while these EFL students knew exactly what it was, how to form, and why we use it instead of the active form.

Started class with a sentence on the board:

"George Bush was elected by the American people in 2004".

They saw the sentence and shook their heads, so I immediately added "some of the American people" only to make sure they didn't think all Americans were complete dolts.

Asked them if it were passive or active, they immediately said active, asked them how to change it to the active and they did it right away. (If you don't know how to do it you've got to look it up...I'm not going to give you the answer).

I then broke them into two groups and them complete a quiz in which the questions were passive. The prize for the winners was an all inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic, where Jose the Cabana Boy and Ramona the Cabana Girl would be at their beck and call. Both teams got all the answers right, so we went into round two. They had to form their own questions to ask each other. And they formed some great questions. I've really been underestimating the students and am always surprised when they exceed my expectations of them.

All in all, a pretty good class. Although I still get very nervous, shaking hands and all (but no more sweat stains...I make sure I'm wearing either a black shirt or a tank top!!! Never having that brown tunic fiasco again!), my body language flows more smoothly.

We had our mid-review tutorials today. My tutor said that I'm progressing really well and have the potential to pass this thing with high marks. I was very proud of myself when she told me this. This is the first time in a really long time that I have ownership over a project, that what I put in actually matters. I remember at my old job working really hard only to see how little impact my work had on anything. How things I did were ignored or belittled. To be in control over my own work, its own development means a lot to me right now.
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