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Thursday, June 23, 2005
Pow, Bam, Kaboom...Barcelona is on FIRE!

It's San Joan Eve (pronounced joe-ahn, also known as San Juan in Spanish and St. John in English) and Barcelona is the noisiest it's ever been since I've arrived. Although firecrackers and fireworks are illegal, it hasn't stopped anyone from buying them and lighting them up in the streets. The past week and a half has been loud with indiscriminate popping here and there, but today it has not stopped once and has only gotten louder. Catalans look for an excuse to play with fire, and they've finally gotten a reason with San Joan.

Going out tonight with some friends from the course. Tried to take a nap when I got home from school, but it was just SO LOUD. Every time I would doze off I'd be jolted awake with a loud crack. Going to have dinner first and then finish off the rest of the night in the streets or on the beach. Angels warned me that the streets will literally be on fire; people light bonfires at night and are expected to jump over them. Most Catalans are escaping from the chaotic city for that reason, encouraged by the day off tomorrow (three day weekend!!), so I'm not sure, then, that it's a such a great idea to be out on the streets. It should be interesting though!

I truly wish I could record the sounds right now. It is NON-STOPPPPPP. The images are something I'll probably grab with my camera, but no words in the world can describe this continuous assault on your ears. It's like being in a war. I don't know why people find pleasure in something like this. Firecrackers, loud noise like that, has never impressed me. Among my most favorite things are watching fireworks, but firecrackers?? Never been my cup of tea. The sounds are just too violent, too warlike. Why anyone enjoys them is beyond me. It seriously sounds like we're in the middle of a battlefield right now. God I wish I capture this noise!
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