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Sunday, November 12, 2006
Birth of a Car
My car died on me as I was driving home on Friday. Again. This time, however, I knew how to pop open my hood and pour anti-coolant into the radiator. See, I'm learning. The car wouldn't restart right away so I had to sit in it and just wait. I had picked up Chinese food on the way home and it started getting cold. And then I got really frustrated.

For starters, I had a headache. I've had a headache every day since Wednesday, November 1st. The one that day KILLED me. It felt as if someone had drilled a hole in my head and didn't bother to repair it. At one point I was convinced that my eyes were going to explode. I went to sleep early that night after overdosing on Excedrin and woke up much better. But as I made my way through the day I realized that I still had headache residuals. No big deal. It'll go away. I had another headache the day after and have had headaches every day since. They're not bad headaches; I don't have to take anything for them. They're like rainstorm headaches. But the one I had on Friday was about to develop into a tsunami and having my car die like that in the middle of the street did nothing to help.

So as I was sitting there waiting for the car to cooperate with me I made a decision. I had to buy a new car. I've had to buy one since the summer, but I've been too cheap. I try to save every single penny I make so I can buy a place to live (or travel). The thought of me dipping into my savings for a mere car made me sick to my stomach.

When I got home I told my father what happened and asked him if he could help me buy a car. I can only imagine what the car salesmen would've done to me if I had attempted to go car shopping by myself.

Fast forward the boring details. I am now a car owner. Well, car leaser. I pick it up tomorrow after work. I leased a 2006 Nissan Altima, color pewter. Never thought I'd ever use the word "pewter" in my life.

This purchase has made me highly uncomfortable. I thought I'd be happy and excited when I got my first car. Instead the butterflies in my stomach are working overtime. I've never had to pay such a high monthly bill. I'm very unhappy with that commitment.

I offered my Taurus to my next door neighbor right now who nearly squealed with delight. Even though it's an old and crappy car, she acted as if I just handed her a BMW. What's wrong with me that I can't appreciate my new car????
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