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Friday, June 09, 2006
World Cup Fever
I met three female tourists from the Netherlands today on the subway. They were looking at the subway map, totally confused, so I offered to help them. We talked for a bit and I asked them what brought them to New York and, in unison, they grumbled "the World Cup". But isn't it in Germany? Why would they come to New York for the World Cup?

Apparently the ladies HATE the World Cup. No...hate is too mild a word. They ABHOR it. Abhor it so much as a matter of fact that they flew thousands of miles to get away from it. They tolerate soccer, um, football in general, but mention the World Cup and their faces scrunch up. (They were really cute too so I mentioned it a couple of times!)

"Americans haven't any knowledge about football. They will not be obsessed like over there. My boyfriend ignores me all month. The only times he knows I'm missing is when I don't bring him chips and beer while he's watching with his friends." At this juncture her friend starts laughing wildly and says, "he'll notice now!!"

I enjoy watching sports (baseball and soccer) for the most part. My ex was a die-hard Mets fan and it was hard not to catch the fever while watching the games with him. When the Mets play, I'll actually sit and watch the entire game with pure excitement. I'll do the same with soccer. But I'm a quiet spectator. I won't yell at the TV, if my team scores I'll smile, if they lose I'll hit something around me. My parents...oh my god...when Ahly plays the entire neighborhood knows. I was once walking home from work and heard my parents' screams a block away. I'm not exaggerating. They were THAT loud. My brother and I know better than to go near them if they're watching a game. We're rendered totally invisible.

I wished the ladies fun on their trip in New York, but cringed when they informed me that they're going to the Puerto Rican Day parade tomorrow. I can just imagine the men that'll take advantage of the three beautiful blonde foreign chicks who are trying to get away from their football obsessed men.
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