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Sunday, May 21, 2006
The bigger, the better?

So I was just trying on some clothes for my upcoming trip to Greece and am somewhat astonished as to how big my butt has gotten since last summer. I am a regular at the gym...I work out practically everyday, both cardio and weights. I do it for both health and vain reasons. It makes me feel powerful and makes me feel in control. Plus it allows me to eat whatever I want without feeling guilty about the calories.

But regardless of the work I've been doing, it seems that my butt just has a mind of its own. It's not obeying any rules. I haven't gained weight since last summer. I think I've actually lost some weight, or at least toned up exorbitantly. I'm still plumpy, will always be. It's in the Egyptian genes and while I may have had a problem with it when I was younger, I love my plumpness now.

I digress again. I'm not sure what to do with my butt. I'm not unhappy. I mean, a couple more squats and JLo is going to have some serious competition. But what am I going to do now with my summer clothes? I don't have time to go shopping for my trip. I'm leaving next Friday and this week is going to be CRAZY. I'm teaching a demonstration class tomorrow at a school I'm hoping to be working for next semester, the current school I'm working for is being observed for accreditation on Thursday and Friday, which means I've got be on top of my game, I've got to prepare lesson plans for my sub next week, and I have to make sure to pay bills before I leave. In short, no time for shopping.

Regardless though, does this mean that every summer I need to buy new clothing? My body keeps growing. Isn't this supposed to stop once you reach puberty or so?
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