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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
A tale of mistaken identities
This guy is great!

Guy Goma, a recent immigrant to Britain from the Congo, was mistakingly interviewed on the BBC, live on air, about the legal battle over the Apple logo. While sitting in the reception waiting for an interview for an IT assistant position at the BBC, he was mistaken by an intern as IT expert Guy Kewney, who was invited to speak about Apple computer vs the Beatles' Apple music. Goma was whisked into the studio and was asked a couple of questions before the correspondent hastily ended the conversation. Kewney, in the meantime, was sitting backstage watching "himself" give an interview!

Pay attention to the bewildered look on Goma's face when he's "introduced"!!

To be honest with you, he is much more captivating than the so-called experts that prance themselves around the news media channels...
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