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Sunday, June 04, 2006
Parisian quickie
So, I happened to misread the time our plane was to leave Athens. The time read 15:00. Now, I'm really good with military time-don't need to think about converting numbers. So I don't know WHY IN THE WORLD I thought our flight was leaving at 1pm.

We went out last night on our last night in Athens and didn't get back to our hotel until 5am. Slept for a couple of hours, then got up and threw everything in our bags to race to the airport. When we arrive at 11am, I go to try to find out where we should check in only to discover my own stupidity. I was so bummed out. I REALLY wanted some extra time in our hotel; wake up at a decent hour, have breakfast on the rooftop...basically, chill on our last day in Athens. But sadly, my wires were crossed. Thank GOD my travel buddy was a trooper...she didn't care. We were both tired and dead from partying all night, but she didn't make me feel like shit at all.

We walk around the airport and sit near the cafeteria hoping that some coffee would wake our tired asses up. At this point I'm still bitterly disappointed, holding back my frustration and tears. I stare at Jenni and say, "You know, we should just change our tickets and leave for Paris right now. Maybe we can go have lunch there or something". (Side bar: We were traveling Air France. Our original ticket had us fly from Athens to Paris with a two hour transit, so basically we wouldn't be leaving the airport). Jenni looks at me and says, "you think we can do it?" It wouldn't hurt to try.

So we rush back to the check-in to ask them if we could change our flight and she pushes some buttons on the computer. The anticipation at that point is killing me. What in the world do they do that takes so long to actually pull up the info?? Anyway, the woman tells us we would have to pay a fee if we want to change our ticket and before she even finishes the sentence we both have our credit cards out, ready to go to Paris for lunch.

We're such jet setters! This was truly the most spontaneous thing I've ever done in my life.

We got on our flight and here's the view from where we had lunch:

Granted, it was a Paris quickie, but for me it doesn't matter. I adore Paris regardless of how much time I spend there.
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