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Saturday, June 24, 2006
Was doing some work on my computer just now and received an IM from one of my father's colleagues. I feel all dirty inside...

x: Ahlan

Me: Hi

x: ezayik? (how are you?)

Me: Good. Hating the's making me sluggish.

x: ah wallahy

x: s i have strong urge

x: to have afair

Me: i don't think you should do it

Me: they're always disastrous

Me: especially if you have a family

x: i know

x: but it is so intense

x: i feel it will be one time

x: but not sure

Me: whatever you choose, just be careful

Me: with yourself and your family

x: how is r

x: thanx

Me: he's good

Me: same

x: s ana ba7bek (S, I love you)

x: ba7bek begad (love you for real)

Me: Um....

x: mish 3arfek kewayes bas what i know (i don't know you well but what I know)

x: mekhaleny a7bek (makes me love you)

x: enty feky 7agah (you have something)

x: attractive

x: mesh 3aref eih (I don't know what)

I think I need to go take a shower. This man is my father's age! He's married and has three children. I feel violated...
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