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Thursday, June 22, 2006
"My God is better" or why there's no chance of me ever rooting for the U.S. soccer team
I took the morning off work today so I could watch the World Cup. It's a disease, I know, but there was no way I would've been able to concentrate on my students while my mind was wondering whether Italy cleaned up its act or if the US got its ass kicked by Ghana.

On Monday one of the other teachers came into the teacher's lounge in the happiest of moods. He's a very sullen teacher and so to see him THAT perky actually upset the balance of my day.

Me: "Who's we?"

Matt's an avid soccer, He follows European leagues with such a passion you kinda feel bad that he's stuck here instead of spreading his cheer over there. I'm a fair-weathered soccer fan. I'll probably never watch a game unless it's the World Cup or another big deal. At that point I'll become a fanatic (i.e. take days off work to watch the games, avoid making plans with ANYONE if a match is on).

So when Matt says we might make it to the finals I can't be sure who he's talking about. Could it be England? Italy? Korea?

Matt: "US! THE UNITED STATES!!! WE MIGHT MAKE IT!!!!! If they play well against Ghana next week and if Italy wins the next game we might actually have a chance!"

Oh. The US. I couldn't find it in myself to share his enthusiasm. The team I've been rooting for the least since the World Cup began is the United States, and I'm not exactly sure why. I know one of the main reasons is because the Americans are SO COCKY and God help the world if they EVER win the World Cup or even come close to it.

When Mexico won their first game against Iran I was riding the subway and overheard two guys talking about the game. Neither was Mexican, neither was Latin. Two ordinary Americans who probably don't even know what a soccer ball looks like. I didn't catch much of what they were saying, but did catch this: "Ha! Mexico kicked their asses! This'll finally show them that our God is better than their God! Where was their God during that game!!" Laughter. I put them in their place (I have a tendency to lecture people when they're being, well, bigots) and watched them squirm in their seats as their faces turned red. This is NOTHING compared to what will happen if the US wins. And so I suppose I want to save myself from chastising everyone and their mother on the subway.

Would love to elaborate on why else I'm not rooting for the US but it's half-time and I've got just enough time to run and take a quick shower, get dressed, and plant myself in front of the TV again to watch both games at the same time before running (literally RUNNING) to get myself to work on time. They better finish in exactly 45 minutes or I'll be awfully late to work. I'm driving myself CRAZY switching from one channel to the other in order to watch both games!!!!!!! My heart can't take this!
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