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Thursday, September 14, 2006
Bag Tag

Got bag tagged by Twosret, so here it goes (clockwise starting with the bag):

1. HUGE Puma bag to carry all my teacher shit. I took everything out, but there was so much stuff that I threw it back in and simply took out my essentials. What you don't see (and is in the bag) are two world history books that I use to plan my lessons, my grade book, student homework, AND my laptop. It gets REALLY crowded in there.

2. Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy room spray, scent Jasmine Vanilla. Because B.O. is rampant in high school.

3. An antique MP3 player. (Can't live without my music) When iPods first came out, everyone and their mother had one and I wanted to be different. So I went with an I-River. It's a little bulky and I've had students tell me that I need to join the 21st century, but it gets the job done.

4. My car keys. It's got three keychains. One is a medallion of the Dominican Republic. Whenever I go to a car park, the attendants always get frustrated because they assume I'm Dominican and so when I don't answer them in Spanish they keep trying to figure out where I'm from.

The other keychains were given to me by my best friend a year or so after I first learned how to drive and got my license (which was at 23 or 24...I was a late bloomer). One says: "Cute but kinda evil", which I suppose is true. I'm not THAT evil though...The other reads: "If you don't like the way I drive then stay off the sidewalk", an homage to my road rage.

5. My house and school keys. Only one keychain there that I bought last year when I was in Spain. It's got a picture of a flamenco dancer named "Carmen". My poor friends get confused whenever they see it ("Are those your keys? Why does it say Carmen??") Got two house keys, three school keys (two for my classroom, one for the teacher's lounge) and my gym ID.

6. My Palm Zire that resembles an iPod. It's the most basic palm pilot, nothing spectacular, but it helps organize the thoughts in my head.

7. My phone. Never leave home without it. I DO remember a time when we all went without cellphones, but I can't for the life of me figure out how we managed.

8. A note from my boyfriend telling me that he loves me even though I'm broke. We used to work together in the same building (Empire State Building) for a year and one day I had left my wallet at home. It was an awful morning. I arrived at the subway station only to realize that I had no money. I had 75 cents to my name. Going back home was not an option. Missing work was not an option. So what did I do? I begged. I stopped straphangers and begged for another 75 cents. I went through fifteen people, lowered my price to a mere 25 cents, but no one helped :( Finally, a messenger from God in the form of a Haitian nurse gave me her last few coins. When I got to work, I called the BF and he gave me some money in an envelope with that note.

9. My journal. It keeps me entertained when I'm bored and need some reading material.

10. On top of the journal:

a. Vincent Longo eye concealer. THIS is a woman's best friend. When suffering from those bags (or luggage) under your eyes, this is the one thing that'll save your life and make you look alive. I don't use make-up, but I'll never leave home without this.

b. My flamenco bookmark. I try to read at least one book a month. I used to read one book a week, but time hasn't been my best friend recently.

c. My jump drive where I carry all my important files.

And last, but not least,

11. Tropic of Ruislip, the book I'm reading now. (Relax Toots, you'll get it back eventually, along with Mind Your Language).

I forgot my wallet at work and so that's why it's not featured here.

So I tag Cairogal, Francy, Hathor, and Gitana (decided to limit it to the ladies...sorry guys...)
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