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Thursday, August 31, 2006
American Bullshit
***Explicit Language Ahead***

I've tried all the methods I usually use when my blood gets so steamed because someone says or does something SO stupid, but none of it has worked so far. So I decided to fuck it, I will express my anger and frustration.

A lot of people commented on the Arabic t-shirt post and I would say that maybe three or four were NOT insulting. The rest indicated a level of fucking arrogance and stupidity that simply reaffirms the international notion that Americans are nothing but self-righteous pricks.

Here's one of the things I discerned from the comments: we "Muslims" need to watch ourselves. We need to make sure we don't agitate the poor, scared average American. Watch what you wear, watch how you act, watch what you say. What a load of fucking bullshit. Are you Americans so fucking stupid that you can't distinguish between a "threat" and (for lack of a better word) normality??? What a bunch of backward folk then!

So let's see...Arabs (AKA Muslims and anyone who "looks" Arab, such as the Sikhs or the Pakistanis, because, after all, very few Americans know the difference) are a threat. African Americans are a threat too...maybe not to Homeland Security, but I'm POSITIVE that those of you who are afraid of the Arabs are afraid of the Black man as well. The Spics, of course, are a threat. You all who wrote about it not being a time to be self-expressive are the same exact people who have allowed the current administration to hijack our rights. Thanks. Thanks a lot for that.

Here's an idea: why don't we send all the Arabs back home, get rid of the black people, and evict the Hispanics (they're right across the border...not a big deal, the rest can swim to their respective countries). We get rid of the sand-niggers, the niggers, and the spics and maybe THEN you won't feel so threatened when you're in an airport or grocery store or filling up your cars with gas. Oh...and let's not forget to eliminate the fags. America for righteous Americans only!

What a load of fucking shit.

We "Muslims" (thanks for grouping all of us together whoever commented that we all come from violent nations) are not responsible for condemning every single act committed by a bunch of crazy folk. It's not our fucking responsibility. I didn't see one fucking White American apologize for Oklahoma City or Colombine. You weren't made to feel a collective sense of guilt. Why are you trying to make US feel like we're responsible for every psycho?? What the fuck??

I've got too much work to do to spend another second writing this post, but I will leave you with this. I'm going to Chicago for the upcoming three-day weekend and I'm wearing all the Arabic gear that I can. It's too bad I'm not veiled.

We will not be fucking silent.

Oh, and no backlash against Arabs after 9/11?? Are you fucking serious?????????????????????????????????
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