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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
So I'm subbing for one of the other teachers at the academy this week, my final week :( (I had to give my resignation last week so I could spend the summer taking some graduate courses in education).

I'm usually not a morning person and made it to class one minute before start time. This was a total beginner class; you know, the kind where you have to use baby words and gestures to get someone to understand you. I started class by asking the students to tell each other what they did over the weekend. Five minutes into it, the most gorgeous, delectable, mouthwatering, palpable, succulent, lip-smacking, finger-licking, melt-in-your-mouth kind of guy walks into the class and sits in the seat near my desk. If this were a cartoon, my jaw would've dropped to the ground, drool dribbling down, and hearts would've been twirling in the background to an orchestra of violins. GOD ALMIGHTY HE WAS FINE.

I was momentarily incapacitated as my brain tried to process the whole scene before being able to return to professional mode. I have to admit, I was pretty good. I was totally professional even though fireworks were going off inside my body.

His English is quite weak and so when I would explain something to him he'd just look at me, smile, look deeply into my eyes (seriously...DEEPLY...our eyes must have locked seven times throughout the entire class) and say, "I no understand" in a Spanish accent that should be illegal.

But again, professionalism prevailed. His phone rang once in class so he quickly ran out to pick it up. The second time it went off in class and he tried to get up I made him sit back down, confiscated the phone, and turned it off. Told him he could get it back at the end of class. See, I don't play favorites.

In the afternoon I was in the teacher's lounge making photocopies while the assistant academic coordinator was having lunch. I told him that I had the finest specimen of man ever created in the morning class and told him how lucky the regular teacher must be.

"Oh, you mean that Colombian soap opera star?"

WHAT?? He's an actor? In telenovelas??? Christ, no wonder he's gorgeous. NO WONDER HE LOOKED AT ME SO INTENTLY! If any of you have ever watched a Spanish soap opera you'll know exactly the kind of look I'm referring to; that dramatic, sultry look. He must be here trying to learn English to break into the American market.

So of course as soon as I got home I googled him and you know what? The pics on the web do NO JUSTICE whatsoever to this man. I MUST figure out how to take his picture in class! I'm thinking of creating a lesson based on creating your own profile using simple adjectives. I'd take every student's picture, explaining that they would create their own personal ad that we could put up on the board.

Yes, I know the school is not my own personal playground, but I cannot leave this week without a memento. A triple x-rated one would be ideal ;) but probably not one I'd be able to share with you on this blog!
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