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Monday, June 12, 2006
I root for the team with the cutest men
I swear I used to have much more depth when I was younger. I was an fervent feminist and humanist. I was politically active in SO many causes. I was militant. I organized protests, wrote action plans, published articles, conducted interviews with refugees for asylum cases, lectured in colleges...the whole shebang. To get my support for ANYTHING you needed to earn it, and it was quite hard to do that. I was very selective. If I were going to give you my all, you'd better deserve it (sadly this never translated into my love life, much to the dismay of my best friend who has never been able to make sense of my taste in men).

Somehow, though, as I've gotten older I've become less passionate about certain things and more passionate about others (it's true people...something happens when you turn 30. I've often scoffed at others who spouted such nonsense, but I'm living proof that a change does happen). I'm not as politically active as I used to be...I think I just got tired. I still give to the community, but have moved from the politics to social activism. And I now give my total and utmost support to any soccer team that has the yummiest men.

It's sad, really, and quite embarrassing to admit. But as I'm getting older and getting more and more comfortable in my skin, as I'm beginning to embrace my sexuality and sensuality, I've simply become much more earthly. And, sad to say, somewhat superficial. I'm hoping it's just a phase and that I'll go back to the activist I used to be. Maybe I'll be able to combine both sides, but until then I've decided to stop beating myself up and just enjoy enjoy the earthiness. I mean, 30 has got to be good for something.
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