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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
I did it again...
I took the morning off work so I could watch the game (Ghana vs Brazil). This is the SECOND time I do this. And why did I do it?? Am I really a soccer fan? No! I'm not. After July 9th I will probably not watch another full match until 2010. But I woke up with such a pit in my stomach. And as I was getting dressed, listening to NPR, the pit just grew. The reporter was live in Dortmund, talking to Brazilian and Ghanaian fans. The atmosphere was so electric and I wished that I had had mutant powers to just shift myself over there. I had planned last night to watch the first half of the game at a bar across the street from my job and then run upstairs to start work, but that would mean that ALL the action would take place in the second half. Such is the luck of S. So instead, I am sitting at home right now anxiously waiting for the match to begin, watching the Spanish broadcasters place bets on who's going to win (they're all betting on Brazil though they admit it's going to be a tough match). I have to say this...if the World Cup has done anything it's helped me improve my Spanish ten-fold!
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