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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Story of a curl, part I
Nearly a month or so ago I asked Toots what he thought about me getting my curly locks permanently straightened (one of those Japanese thermal reconditioning processes). I had been having unbelievably bad hair days for months and was getting frustrated at my unruly curls. He quickly talked me out of it, reminding me that my curls were my signature. I decided to try and control my curls, but I still couldn't get them to behave.

My last haircut was back in September. Although my stylist gave me a great cut, he cut it way too short. And it only looked nice when it was straight. I never went back to him only because I've been trying to grow my hair out. I figured I'd rather have unruliness rule until I got past the length I wanted. That way, when I went back for a cut and asked for a slight trim, I wouldn't be horrified when inches came off. I'd still have the length I wanted.

So here we are, seven months later. Uncurling my curls is not an option, going to just any stylist is not an option. So I did what I do best...research. I searched high and low for curl experts. I had heard of Ouidad last year and have been using her products for the same amount of time, but resisted going to such a high priced salon. I've never paid more than 40 bucks for a haircut. Ouidad's hundred-plus dollar price tag disturbed my sensibilities. The more desperate I got, however, the more I started veering towards it. This past Monday I left my house early and decided to go into the salon to at least make an appointment. I completely FORGOT that salons are closed Mondays.

When I came home after work I decided to do some more research online. I went into all the group messages on Google and MSN and learned that there were TWO salons in NY specializing in curly hair...Ouidad and Devachan. Both cost the same, both have a strong cult following of loyal clients. I had never heard of Devachan, so I did more research into it and liked what I read. Surprisingly, my brother knew ALL about Devachan. Apparently his roommate swears by it. (Or swore by it till they cut her hair short).

So I made the decision to go to Devachan. I called them up to try to make an appointment for next week only to learn that in order to see their most famous stylist one would have to make an appointment five weeks in advance. All other stylists require at least 2-3 weeks.

Now, I have the patience of a dog in heat. When given Christmas presents, I'll open them IMMEDIATELY. When, two days before my birthday, my brother tells me he's already bought my present I want it IMMEDIATELY. I suppose I can control my patience if I needed to, but please don't ask me too. 5 weeks was totally out of the question for me. 2-3 weeks would try the patience that I don't have.

I asked the receptionist if she had anything earlier and she said I could come in today at noon. I'd be seeing a junior stylist. What's wrong with junior stylist, I thought? Nothing. At least he/she wouldn't be pretentious. And I was positive that they'd be just as good...
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