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Saturday, April 29, 2006
Clooney for President!!

Yes, I would do it. If George Clooney were ever running for President of the United States, I would vote for him. Twice if I could. Why, you ask? Does he have a good platform? Well, as a matter of fact I'm SURE he does. But I'll be honest...I would vote for Clooney because he is the most beautiful man on the planet; the Gregory Peck of our generation. Moronic and immature reason to vote for a President? Probably. But other presidents in this country have been elected for far more flimsy reasons.

I was watching Clooney on Bill Maher this weekend. He was entrancing. Spoke a little about his trip to Darfur, why no one knows or care about Darfur, and the state of politics in general. George Clooney SHOULD run for something. He has strong opinions, he's got a good platform, he's active. In short, he's a hero. Where are all the heros today? The men and women who actually stand for something? Stand for their conscience? Politics is nothing but posturing, nothing but sound bites. You don't stand for what you believe in anymore and today's media just aggravates this.

I studied Political Science in college. I wanted to learn how this world worked in order to be able to do something to change it. I ached to be able to make a difference. There was just so much ugliness out there. The more I learned, though, the more I realized JUST how ugly it was. And how impotent I was in the face of it all. It's a pessimistic view, I know.

I never followed through with PoliSci. I did my M.A. in Liberal Studies, tried to get my foot in the door with a number of non-profits, only to realize how ugly they were too. I'm finally happy with the work that I do (teaching). It's a way for me to feel like I'm actually making an impact.

But back to Clooney. Dreamy Clooney. The only man I'd ever cheat on my man with. I used to watch him on the Facts of Life when he first made his appearance on the screen, which is more than any other fan on this planet can say.

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