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Monday, July 24, 2006
Stupid families
I want a divorce from my extended family on my father's side. I want to completely cut ties with them and if I didn't like my last name so much I'd change it so there's no possible way anyone can ever connect me with them. I won't go into all of the sordid drama with each of my father's brothers and sisters (there are nine of would take two blogs in order to go into the details), but will focus a little bit on my infamous aunt.

She and her son have been staying at our house for the past two, going on three, weeks. Her son, M, has been getting in and out of trouble since he was a teenager and the last straw for his loser, abusive father was when he got arrested two and a half weeks ago for assaulting a police officer. Said loser father kicked him out of the house and so M and his mom came to stay here. (Loser father did not kick him out to teach him a lesson or anything...he doesn't want to bear the financial burden of having a loser son, so he throws his responsibility on to my father who doesn't have the heart to see his family suffer).

So now my father is going to rent an apartment for them away from their old neighborhood. He wants my thug, punk, alcoholic, girlfriend beating, 21 year old cousin to change his life and so will give him one final chance to get his act together. What PISSES me off is how fucking supportive my father is to this fucking punk ass kid. Don't get me wrong...I truly feel sorry for M, or at least I did until he confessed to me how he's been living, but I can't see how his problems are or should be any of our problems. If the boy can't get his life together then nothing we do will allow him to do it. My father is enabling him and my loser aunt.

ANYWAY, M tells me yesterday how he doesn't think he's going to be able to concentrate on his schoolwork (he's been in a two year college for the past three and a half years by the way) because he recently broke up with the love of his life. He was dating this girl for three years and when she ended it he was devastated. He told me how much he loved her and proceeded to tell me how much she loved him. How do you know that she loved you, I asked. And here's what he told me:

"Well, I treated her really badly and she always stayed with me.
I cursed her out many times, and she came back.
I cheated on her many times, and she came back.
I used to hit her, and she never left me.
I beat her badly once (and I felt bad), her parents forced her to press charges so she did. But when we went to court, she dropped the charges. And she came back.
She had three abortions by me, and she never left."

Bloody hell. I ask him why she finally broke up with him and he said,

"Because I called her father up one day and called him a nigger. I cursed him out and told him that he's fucked up for trying to keep us apart and that he should stay out of our lives".

Shit. I can't believe she stayed that long. And lord, why would you get a girl pregnant THREE times?? What the fuck?

I'm done with him and I'm done with my aunt. Later I will relate to you the story of how I caught him drunk last week and how my aunt tried to rationalize his behavior. I'm too tired and fed up to do it now.

The thing that pisses me off about all this is that my aunt and my father are letting M get away with murder. I'm almost sure that they don't know about the abortions, but if they did they would continue rationalize his behavior; he's a kid, he's a boy, he just got mixed up with the wrong crowd.

Excuse my crass and vulgar language, but you can all suck my cock. If I asked my father for money for an abortion, I guarantee you it's probably the last conversation I'd ever have with him. Yet for this punk ass kid, all is well. He'll grow out of it.

Ya3ni if it's not the destruction of Lebanon, it's this shit that I have to deal with.

Anyway, my aunt came to sit next to me on the couch a couple of minutes ago and started small talk. She can see that I'm on the computer, typing, but she's still trying to talk to me. I knew the only way I could get rid of her is to make her uncomfortable, so I put on one of my Netflix movies and she quickly left the room. Who would've thunk that a movie about a gay Muslim man ("A Touch of Pink") would have been the answer to my prayers?
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