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Monday, July 17, 2006
My brother had dinner with his friend this past weekend who is bordering hysteria. She's Lebanese and her brother is in Beirut at the moment. She's worried about him and angry at the destruction of her country. She feels impotent and is pissed off.

She mentioned to my brother that there are about 25,000 American citizens in Lebanon and the United States is actually charging them to evacuate. I was shocked, but thought it was her anger talking. This morning I read this:

The American embassy is a mess this morning. They would not let anyone inside the embassy; instead, they handed out registration forms and a list of things to bring in a "small bag" in an evacuation. We were told that "hopefully" there would be an evacuation this week, probably to Cyprus, however, they did not know how. To evacuate, it is necessary to pay, but if you don't have enough money, you must sign a promissory note. The rules for who can evacuate are this: American citizens only. If your children are not citizens, they can come, so long as they are minors. Non-American parents who have children (minors) that are American nationals must choose which parent will go with the children and which will stay. Green card holders cannot go. Non-American spouses of American citizens cannot go. Families will be split up.

It's fucked up.
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