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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Why you should always look your best
You never know when HBO is going to come knocking on the door.

A couple of weeks ago I had a particularly hard day at work. I've created a blog and a wiki for my class that seem to be taking up A LOT of my time. Integrating technology in the classroom is a great idea (makes for great learning), but it takes up SO MUCH time and gives you a lot of sleepless nights. I am, however, the technology trailblazer at my school, something that's made my principal quite happy with me.

I've impressed everyone with the technology I'm using. So much so that a prestigious university, who's working on a project with Spike Lee, invited me and a couple of my kids to a workshop a month ago that's using technology to teach democracy. It was an amazing workshop and my kids did a kick-ass job there.

So kick-ass that the producers decided to create a documentary about the project for HBO. They used a lot of clips that they filmed at the university, but also wanted to interview some of the teachers.

That brings us back to the horrible day at work. Little sleep, lots of work, and I had just finished teaching four classes in a row. After my last class I kicked those kids out as fast as I could and locked the door behind me. I ran to sit down. I had been standing for four hours straight and my back was about to give out on me. Other than waitressing, I can't imagine a job that forces you to stand for so long.

Five minutes after I sat down I heard a knocking on my door. Please don't let it be one of the kids, I prayed. They love to come and hang out in my classroom, but I was worn out and adolescent company was the last thing on my mind. I peeked through the panes to find one of the producers from the workshop standing outside the door with a camera and a tripod. I let him in and he asked if he could interview me for the documentary.

It was the worst possible time to do something like this. I was parched, my lips were chapped, I felt disheveled. My hair was up in a bun (the librarian look) and I looked my absolute worst. I told him that it was not really a good time, but he insisted. Can't have a documentary about teaching democracy using technology without the woman who's using this technology.

So I did it. And hoped that they'd just cut me out.

I just received an e-mail from the producer with a copy of the final cut and watched it. I look like ass!!! First of all, I'm not photogenic. Whatsoever. I've never photographed well and it's why I hide when I see someone with a camera. The librarian look, as well, apparently doesn't work for me. My lips also have this funny thing they do when I talk...they kind of curl up or curl to the sides. I've always hated it, though have been told that it's cute and sexy. But let me tell you, there is NOTHING cute and sexy about that friggin documentary!

Having said all that, I'm proud as hell of my work!!!! Not bad for a first year teacher, huh?!!
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