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Saturday, October 07, 2006
Went to see "The Departed" today with the boyfriend. Great movie with superb performances and razor-sharp dialogue (though I would have loved for Mark Wahlberg to have more screen time...he was awesome).

The boyfriend has dubbed this movie "The Jack Nicholson Movie". He doesn't know its name and will never refer to it as anything else.

A couple of weeks ago I had a really strange dream. I dreamt that I was out with the BF and while we were sitting waiting for the bus Jack Nicholson appeared. He said something to me and the next thing I know I started having sex with Nicholson, right next to the BF. The BF was pissed (naturally) but continued waiting for the bus. I had decided that Nicholson and I should probably be doing our deed privately, so we got up and went to my house. When we got there I figured that I was probably making a mistake and started looking for my boyfriend. When I finally found him he refused to talk to me. I kept following him around, trying to tell him that there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for what happened, but he kept walking away. At one point he stopped to listen to me, but I had nothing of substance to say so he walked away again.

The next day I woke up wondering why the hell I dreamt of Jack Nicholson. I mean, of all the people I'd want to have sex with in a dream he would definitely not even make the list. After some thought I realized why Nicholson made his way into my dream. I was driving the Sandmonkey into the city the day before and while we were getting on the 59th Street Bridge he saw an ad for the movie on a huge billboard. Sandmonkey mentioned that he wanted to see that movie. I asked him which movie and he said, "the one with Jack Nicholson." So thanks, Sandmonkey, for sending Nicholson my way. Thanks. Couldn't he have said the Matt Damon movie? Or the Leonardo Di Caprio movie? Neither are on my list for sex dreams potentials, but it would've been better than having sex with a 70-year old man, no?

Anyway, I wouldn't have told my boyfriend about this dream at all had it not been for the fact that a night later I had another sex dream. Without Nicholson. In this dream it was me, Marcia Cross (the red-headed chick from "Desperate Housewives") and some guy. I've had a handful of lesbian dreams throughout my life, but whenever these dreams involved a third party (a man) I would always try to get rid of him for some reason. In this dream, however, I did not try to kick the man out.

So I woke up the next day and told the BF that I've been having crazy sex dreams. Told him about the threesome and then told him about Nicholson. He was not too pleased.

"You think I want to hear about you having sex with men?"

"Dreams, R. They were DREAMS! What am I supposed to do? Stop dreaming???? What the hell?"

"Just don't tell me about these dreams."

So I won't tell him about any dreams, but I'll tell you guys.

Ever since then I've had sex dreams practically every other night. I have no idea what triggers them and why I'm having so many. I mean, I'm not complaining. They're great dreams. But why now? And why so many? And what do they mean? I'm not repressed or conservative, there's nothing I wish to explore, I'm not frustrated. I mean, even when I WAS frustrated I never had these dreams and in this quantity.

Poor BF. He was really upset. He said he wasn't, but I can pick up on his mood swings. Was this something that I should just have kept to myself?
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