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Saturday, September 30, 2006
A Day at the Mall
I don't know why I did it. On a Saturday. One should never go to a mall on a Saturday.

Fall is around the corner. Yesterday the weather plunged and the air is getting crispier. This is actually my favorite time of the year. I love New York in the Fall. It's during this time that I like to take out my Sex and the City DVDs (the last season), cuddle up on the sofa with some hot chocolate and enjoy.

I realized that I needed to go shopping for clothing and figured going to the mall would be a nice way to keep myself occupied while waiting for the sun to set. Stupid, stooooopid mistake. The mall was overrun by little people; teenagers who had nothing else to do but patrol and flirt. I've had my fill of teens this past week and being surrounded by them on my day off made me want to shoot myself in the head (no, I wanted to shoot THEM in the head).

Scene: The dressing room at Express
I'm in my booth trying on my clothing. The booth right next to mine is occupied by a 15-year old girl who's trying on size zero jeans. A couple of seconds later I hear her friends shouting for her outside. "A, where are you? Are you in here?", says one of them as she sticks her leg into my booth. If I had an ax I'd have chopped it off.

They finally found their friend and started screeching about how good she looked. Here's the convo:

Girl 1: "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! You look SO good! Those jeans are so hot!"
Girl 2: "Oh my God she is so right! You look, like, really good in those jeans!"
Girl 3: "Really? You guys really think so?"
Girl 1: "Hell yeah! You look, like, a million cents!"
Girl 3: "Yeah, but my mother won't let me buy them. She's really strict about jeans."
Girl 2: "What do you mean? I mean, if she sees you in those jeans she'll say you look hot!"
Girl 3: "You don't know my mom. She's, like, really strict with jeans. These jeans are too tight. She's, like, the pants need to be loose."
Girl 1: "Yeah, but can't you just, like, wear a long shirt?"
Girl 3: "No, I can't. My mom will, like, kill me."
Girl 2: "Oh my God, you look so good though!"
Girl 1: "You should just buy them. You have $100. You HAVE to buy them. If your mom, like, says no I'll buy them off you."

The two girls leave Girl 3 to try on another pair of pants and come back within seconds.

Girl 2: "Let me see!"
Girl 3: "What do you think?"
Girl 1: "They're, like, good but the first ones were better."
Girl 2: "Guys, you know what? We should, like, do a photo shoot together!"
Girl 1: "Oh my God, that's such a great idea!!!"
Girl 3: "We could save our money and do a photo shoot! That would be so hot!"
Girl 1: "Oh my God guys, you know what we should, like, do??"
Girl 2: "What?"
Girl 1: "We should all have our sweet 16 together!!!!"
Girl 3: "Oh My God!!!! That's such a hot idea! We should SO, like, do that!"
Girl 1: "You know what? We should do it somewhere out of state!"
Girl 2: "Yeah, like my parents would ever let me do that! Where would we do it?"
Girl 1: "We should, like, do it in Florida!!!"
Girl 3: "How would we go to Florida? That would be, like, so expensive!"
Girl 1: "Well, my uncle has a plane!"
Girl 2: "Oh my God, how hot!"
Girl 3: "It's like my Super Sweet Sixteen!!!"
Girl 1: "Oh my God how do I sound! 'Like, my uncle has a plane!'"

Oh. My. God. I wanted to puncture my eardrums.
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