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Thursday, April 06, 2006
"You want go on my boat?"

My new favorite movie is "Shirley Valentine". It's been added to my list of the best films ever.

The movie's about Shirley, a middle-aged British housewife who goes on vacation with her closest girlfriend to Mykonos. Said friend meets a "walking groin" on the flight to Athens and abandons Shirley, leaving her to fend for herself. So Shirley starts spending some valuable alone time. One late afternoon she walks into a tavern and asks the owner, Castos, if it would be possible for him to take one of the tables and place it on the beach so she could watch the sun set. The exchange that follows had me on the floor:

"You want I move table for you? You say my bar ugly?" Castos says, very abruptly, the angry Greek if he's looking for a fight.

"No, no. It's just always been my dream to drink Greek wine watching the sun set".

"So you say I move table, I make for you dream come true?"

Shirley says yes and Castos takes the table out to face the beach, telling her that he's happy to make dream come true.

Later as she's ready to leave he invites her the next day to go sailing with him on his brother's boat. She's a little hesitant and he can sense it. So he says,

"Come with me on boat. It is nice boat."

"No, I don't think I should..."

"Why you not come? You afraid?"

"No, I'm not's just that..."

"Yes. You afraid. You afraid I want make fuck with you, yes?"

She starts laughing. He continues to say, "I no want make fuck with you. I want take you on brother's boat. Boat is boat. Fuck is fuck. I no make fuck with you. You beautiful woman, but I no want make fuck".

Ah, my upcoming trip to Greece should be fun!
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