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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Cabbie luv
Step into Ahmed Ibrahim's cab on Valentine's Day and you could get a lot more than a ride from A to B ; you could also land a date.

The self-proclaimed cupid cab driver has spent years driving around the city looking for New Yorkers with lonely hearts.

He has swapped numbers between hundreds of couples, helped organize more than 70 real dates and at least 19 of his romances have lasted more than a year.

This Thursday, Ibrahim will be decking his yellow cab with red and white hearts and roses in the hope of matching up yet more Mr. and Mrs. Rights.

"I've organized so many dates, and it really makes me feel good about it. I've not had one complaint," Ibrahim, 53, said.

"It's really fun. Driving a taxi in New York is not an easy job so I just try to create some fun."

Ibrahim, who lives in Borough Park, Brooklyn, only offers his services to a select group of passengers who settle into the back of his cab.

He listens to their conversations, asks them a few questions and then, if he thinks they are suitable, explains his matchmaking services and asks for their number and e-mail.

"I want to know if they're the real deal or just a player," he said. "If you're a player, then forget about it."

Ibrahim knows all about the challenges people have finding love in the city.

He is recently single and says his advice to people is simple - it's all about common sense and being down to earth.

"When I was in high school I was looking for Miss Universe. In college I wanted Miss America. Now, Miss Brooklyn would do," he said.

"There's no perfect 10 but it's very, very difficult.

"Everybody's working so much, the time just passes by so quickly."

Martin Karamon was one of the lucky passengers who found romance thanks to Ibrahim.

He is no longer dating the woman he was set up with, but they were together six months and are still good friends.

"When you live in New York City, nothing is bizarre, but it was a unique experience for sure," Karamon, 37, said.

"He's incredibly friendly and funny, and I have no regrets," Karamon said.

"I met a great guy, made a new friend - but I might have to get in his cab again because I just broke up with my girlfriend."
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