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Wednesday, December 26, 2007
My Christmas Day
It was really easy to fall in love with Marji in Persepolis. I loved Satrapi's graphic novel and will buy anything she creates. But if you don't emotionally connect with her in the movie then there's something wrong with you.

My brother, R, and I went to see Persepolis today. Poor R was scared. I told him we were going to watch a French cartoon about the Iranian Revolution that was only playing in two theaters in NY known for showing independent films. His friends mocked him (which is probably why they're all still single) and he made me promise that he'd like it. Which he did. It's hard not to enjoy your time watching this movie.

Listen to a great interview with the fascinating Satrapi here:

The only negative thing? The Americans in the theater with us. People who now think they're experts at the Iranian Revolution and Islam because they watched a movie. Ugh.

R, my brother, and I also spent the day looking at wedding venues and I'm beginning to become truly overwhelmed with all this wedding planning. The costs and the logistics are taking away any pleasure that it supposed to be derived from this special day.
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