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Sunday, October 22, 2006
It's just not my year in sports
Real Madrid: 2
FCB: 0

When the Mets lost the other night I was in such a lousy mood that it carried over to the next day. As I was walking into school some of my students thought it would be fun to tease me, but thought better of it when I gave them a look. They read that teacher was not going to take it favorably.

It was so exciting being at Shea that evening though. The game was out of this world for all the nine innings and the atmosphere was electric. We were loud, we shook the stadium, we high fived each other when Chavez made one of the most amazing catches ever. When they lost in the ninth inning, you could hear a pin drop in Shea. It was quite a depressing moment.

Thankfully, I'm not as invested in FCB as I am in other sports teams (yet) so while their loss tugs at my heart I will be able to shrug it off within hours and hopefully won't take it out on my students tomorrow.
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