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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Always second to a blond
Twice a week our school has what is called an advisory class. We use this time period to help equip our kids with skills that they'll use throughout life. We hope that we'll help them grow as people and help guide them as they face those typical teenage problems.

I've got the best advisory class in the whole school. They're the dream team of the school and I have NO idea how it was that I was lucky enough to get them. They're a little crazy, but they're lovely girls.

Anyway, today we were talking about body image; what's the perfect body type, what do you wish you looked like, how does society expect us to look. It was a great conversation that I had with my girls and I'm glad to say that none of them have a distorted image of themselves.

During lunch one of the other teachers told me that in his advisory his boys decided that they wanted to vote for the prettiest girls in school. Leave it to the men to turn a talk on body image into a beauty contest...

I came in a high second! Just one vote separated me and number one, a girl their own age (a beautiful blonde girl who all the boys have a crush on). It was a very close race. Nice to know that a 30 year old can still compete with a teenager :)
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