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Saturday, June 04, 2005
Was very bored earlier today. I was lounging around all day, sleeping on and off, trying to wish the day to end quickly. It's so hard being here alone. I don't know what I was thinking coming to a place where I don't know one single person. Everyone who knows I'm here is envying me. Barcelona is the greatest city in the world, they say. I'm living their dream. Meanwhile, I feel like I'm stuck in a nightmare. I can't see what they love about this city. Not sure if the problem is them...or me.

Gareth, the guy who did the CELTA course just this previous month, took me out to Montjuic today. He asked if I were bored and if I wanted to take a walk. I thought it would be a great thing to do to kill time, so I didn't decline his invitation the way I would have had this been a time when I wasn't so lonely.

Montjuic was beautiful and the trek up there was excellent work for my thighs!!! I still can't see what the wonder of Barcelona is, but I guess to each his own. We ended up eating pizza for dinner (I food + Barcelona...why do that??? It was just really hard to find something to eat and I was STARVING)

Asked Gareth to give me the lowdown on the tutors...

We've got three tutors for this course, each one teaching a different level:

Susannah teaches elementary,
Rosa teaches pre-intermediate,
and David teaches mid-intermediate.

Each one takes turns teaching us methodology classes in the morning as well. We change levels after we teach three classes in each. Susannah is quite young and seems like the one that would be the easiest of the three, the least intimidating. Rosa looks like she knows exactly what she's talking about and for that reason is a bit more intimidating. David reminds me of Professor Severus Snape, but without the mean streak. (Well, maybe Snape is too extreme...he reminds me of Alan Rickman in every single one of his movies)...he seems very dry, though there's something beneath his dry demeanor. Someone said something stupid in class today and I saw him trying to withhold his laughter, so maybe looks are deceiving. He looks like he'll be the toughest and I think I'm glad I get him last because I'll have had enough practice by then and may be less nervous when I'm being observed by him.

Gareth didn't give me any details, but told me that I'll have changed my mind about my mind by the end of the course. He told me that David was his favorite; that it didn't start out that way (started with the same opinion that I had).

Don't know what to think...I'm EASILY intimidated so I don't know how this is going to go at all.

On another note, Toots called me today and we spent 30 minutes just talking bullshit. It was nice to hear his voice and spend such a long time talking.
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