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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Quick Poll for the Men
One of my father's oldest friends came to visit us last week. Pleasant fellow who thought I should receive a medal for working in Brooklyn, a borough he believes is overun by drug lords, gang bangers, and prostitutes. I wonder when that image of New York will disappear...

Anyway, couple of hours after he left I went to use the bathroom and noticed that the toilet seat was up. So now I know that this man pees standing up. TMI for me. At least he had good aim because the rim was spotless.

He should have, however, put the toilet seat back down. It infuriates me when men do that; the seat must come down guys, okay?

This incident got me to thinking: do the majority of you guys pee standing? Is there a difference between sitting and standing? Is it just a matter of what's quicker? What's more comfortable?

Boyfriend thought I was retarded for asking him these questions. "Why in the world are you asking me about this???" He seemed so weirded out that I didn't bother to ask follow up questions.

So, guys, enlighten me...


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